a slice of happy


live in thanksgiving daily.

grateful for the many mighty hands that prepared our thanksgiving meal yesterday
here are the chefs:
bad mamba:
 salmon, mashed potatoes and carrots
holly and dave:
yams cooked to perfection and grandma's deviled eggs that michelle asked if she ate one
would she really turn into a devil?
justin and ashley:
 deep fried turkey that i promise was not a hair dry
and a new stuffing recipe to die for
laurie and jayson:
presented our famous traditional gluten free broccoli salad, jello salad
and homemade rolls
( the rolls and jello salad not shown because there was no room on my plate)

thank you all so much

and no thanksgiving is complete without a perfect ginger cookie

an amazing amount of hours were spent in the kitchen.
stirring this 
measuring that,
mixing, beating, folding
washing pot after pot
all because-
because of that thing called love.
a coming together of sugar and spice
and everything nice-
a tribute to those
we care about.
and in the end
we look upon our thanksgiving table and

it was then i wondered
could i possibly be.

am i a martha in a mary sunday dress?
or am i a mary charging forth
in a martha apron?
why does a martha always seem to get the blunt end of 
the wooden spoon?
and why does a mary get the best seat at the table?
do i know who i am?
why is this table, this dinner so important to me?

since coming home i have been filled with a grateful heart
to be reunited with our family
food and conversation
games and hugs
even dirty dishes.

god teaches that we live in thanksgiving daily
for the many mercies and blessings which he doth bestow upon us.
here is what i know

i love that mary listened intently to her savior. a truly perfect place to be. sitting at his feet
hearing his perfect words.
spiritual manna.
who would want to move and go help someone in the kitchen?
but i also
love that martha spent time in her kitchen preparing a meal for her family.
kudo's to martha. high fives times a thousand.
sitting together as families around a table is the greatest.
family stability
surrounded in laughter and tradition
eternal manna.

being alone, martha turned to her savior to solve the problem
i see her confusion.
i hear her anxious heart demanding mary come assist her
mary was lost in spiritual things
martha, lost in worries.
the lord's answer requires us to ponder and not judge
either woman.
jesus said one thing was needful
that good part
which will never
be taken
mary had chosen the good part.
but nowhere do i see that martha did not.

we do guilt
very well.
i'm tired of holding on to that guilt
so i chose that good part.
to look for and live in
thanksgiving daily.



gather together
cardboard boxes

rip them apart into smaller pieces

soak them for a few days in a white glue/water solution

blow up a large balloon
turn it upside down and place in a container that will keep the balloon steady

begin applying your pieces from the top down

which will be the base of your bowl

remember to paste on more glue with each additional layer

stop when you reach the height you desire your bowl to be.

allow to dry in sunlight

slowly pierce your balloon near where you tied it
allow the air to escape
it will pull itself away from the inside of your bowl


matthew 12:30,  23: 37
proverbs 10:14

my heart would ache whenever I broke down used cardboard boxes for the trash.
but it was a tree. i say.
yes. i might be strange.
but husbands tend to give you the look.
that look that says:
and you just have to let it go.
the cardboard, not the look.
finding adequate storage for every piece of scrap wood, metal, paper, wire and everything in between
gets you on the naughty list or even worse, on that horrifying reality show about hoarders.
and we don't need our neighbors to know our crafting habits on cable tv.
but now i have become that woman.
that secret gatherer of cardboard boxes.
you may have noticed if you have read my last two blog posts, i have developed
a passion for bowls. it began on the mission.
a daydream of sorts. that would not leave.
i dream about creating bowls out of everything.

there is a purpose.
and it feels right.
so i will continue to make bowls until i'm done.
some women nest.
some eat. some sleep. some clean. and some gather.
i'm going into a gathering mode. not such a bad place to be.
we have been counseled over and over to gather stuff,
be it food storage, our family, our resources, out and about in our community.
but what if i asked you to take this bowl
and gather together your treasured possessions.
with what might you fill it?
now i'm not asking hypothetically to fill it with your must have couch, or your fridge or your to die for chi curling iron.
that would be wrong.
this is about you. fill your bowl with all your quirkiness, your strengths,
your passions, your dreams, your goodnesses.
gather those precious items
and fill your bowl.

jesus spoke about gathering.
oh how often he wanted to gather us.
and we would not.
how sad. he loved us so much. he wanted to protect us so much.
to gather us under his wing.
and we would not.

an empty bowl is exquisite to look upon.
a filled bowl with your favorite meal, is even better.
a bowl filled with you becomes a spiritual feast that will never empty.

now go gather your thoughts, make your bowl
and fill it with happy.



get yourself a roll of cheap toilet tissue.
shred it up with your hands.
add a cup of joint compound.
 and 3/4 cup white glue
stir it up
or beat it with a mixer
keep it in a gallon baggie until you are ready to use it.

wrap a good size bowl in saran wrap.
squeeze out the juices of the pulp and apply to the inside of the bowl.
pushing the pulp into an even thickness.
allow to dry for about a week!

gently remove from the bowl.
you may discover some beautiful cracks.
your bowl is not broken.

cracks are beautiful
think about your own flaws
your own cracks

kintsugi (golden joinery)
japanese art form

paint your inside beautiful. just like you.

we are cracked, flawed and broken
we see our weaknesses and fall apart.
broken into a thousand shards.

putting ourselves back together
day after day,
seems impossible. unobtainable.
too many scars.
too much pain.

with faith. we can heal. the scars will remain
but there is beauty in obtaining a priceless scar.
holding onto faith, in the belief that god gave us these very imperfections 
as a gift.

JmStorm (author) wrote:
she is a beautiful piece of broken pottery,
put back together by her own hands. and a critical world judges her cracks
while missing
the beauty of how she
made herself
whole again.

Kintsugi is a japanese art form of piecing back together a broken cup or bowl.
the bowl is healed by using a laquered resin and dusted with powdered gold.
the broken piece transforms itself into something that is worth 
far more than it's original price.

some believe in cherishing the broken
others will discard them. with no thought of repair.
i am learning to understand, that which has suffered greatly has history.
a history worth listening to.
when we are transformed
we are not made perfect,
perfection comes later
but we become
perfectly imperfect.
i like this.
i love kintsugi.
i love that everything has worth
and everyone is of worth.

we can restore our flaws, our cracks, our imperfections.
we can dust ourselves with gold. 
and remember the story of our history
as our scars are illuminated with his precious 
golden light.


a mess of pottage.

paper egg cartons and a bucket.

rip into tiny, small pieces.

smother in water and let sit overnight.

soak and stir. soak and stir.

add coloring. add ripped paper towels. add white glue. add herbs.
i used lemon grass and lavender
sit some more.
be patient. go do some dishes.

when it is super mushy
drain through a metal sieve and with your fingers
push out all excess water and form it into a bowl shape
inside the sieve.
allow to dry overnight in a warm spot.

gently remove from the sieve.
allow to sit a day or two until completely dry.
you can then choose to seal with a matte spray sealer
or leave as is.
genesis 25:29-34
and jacob sod pottage, and esau came from the field and he was faint.
and esau said to jacob, feed me, i pray thee, with that same red pottage; for i am faint
and jacob said, sell me this day thy birthright
and esau said, behold, i am at the point to die; and what profit shall this birthright do to me?
and jacob said, swear to me this day, and he sware unto him; and he sold his birthright unto jacob.
then jacob gave esau bread and pottage of lentils; and he did eat and drink, and rose up and went his way; thus esau despised his birthright.

playing with paper mache is good for the soul. 
you begin the creating process, carefully pushing, shaping and molding, until you have the desired shape. but you never truly know what  your completed bowl will morph into. you might love it and keep it. 
or you may decide to throw it in the trash.
the decision is yours. 
the waiting process can drive you crazy. days go by. you peek. you touch. you move it to a different spot.
but when that moment arrives. you know it is ready. it is so worth the wait.

esau had been working long and hard in the fields. he had come home hungry, tired and impatient.
jacob had been preparing a pot of lentil stew. the delicious aroma must have sunk deep into the belly of esau. 
he was now ravishing. it was all he could think of. 
a bowl of that stew with a hunk of bread.
jacob must have been a quick thinker. he seized the opportunity to bargain with his elder brother.
it worked masterfully. 
esau was most willing to give up his inheritance for a mess of pottage.
he had decided it wasn't worth the wait.
he threw it all away.

sometimes we value too little that which is of great worth.
don't throw away those things that take time to create. 
relationships. our children. our weaknesses.
all these things with nourishment and time are of great worth.
and very much worth the waiting process.


Welcome to parchedpaper.

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While you are waiting, gather up as much scrap paper as you can find.
Save all those cardboard egg cartons.
Don't throw anything away that can be thrown into a bucket of water.
You are going to love this.

Come back soon!
( 11.01.2016)